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2/28/11 2:03:08PM recently released an article giving an opinion on the general subject of cheating in MMA, using Michael Bisping's win over Rivera this past weekend as the main source. They make some valid points.

2/28/11 3:29:33PM
now im a huge rampage fan as you can tell from my avatar.Another thing remember in the machida fight when machida had rampage against the fence, rampage kneed him in the nuts so they separated. advantage cheater(rampage). because know he isn't against the fence and gets the fight back to were he likes it.
2/28/11 6:27:24PM
Yeah, actually, they do make a compelling case for cheating and they're really spot on about the reasons on SHOULD cheat. It's sad, but true.
2/28/11 8:05:42PM
All this made me do was hate Bisping more, and think that Rivera should have said no so that it would have been either a DQ loss for Bisping or a NC.
3/2/11 3:41:40AM
That was a good read, they used Bisping as an example but they could have used quite a few different examples, some of the ones that jump to mind are Lauzon v Miller on TUF 5 and the worst on (I think) was Burns winning by tko over Johnson via eye poke. Here is what I would like to see happen, any foul wether minor or major should be an automatic 1 pt deduction, if there is 3 fouls in a fight then the fighter should be DQ. It would impact big at first but as fighters got used to it I'm sure they would stop cheating, also if a fighter grabs the fence to defend a TD or sweep then after the fight has been stopped and the point deducted if the figher who didn't cheat and was working for the TD or sweep should be given the position, I'd restart the fight in the centre of the Octagon with the fighter in the cheaters guard and let then work from there.
3/3/11 3:20:21PM
They could have used Kongo too. But Bisping sucks.
3/5/11 3:35:24PM
Nice to note most of the comments seem to share the majority rule on here...
6/6/11 11:14:17AM
I wonder how the author of that article feels an illegal knee (intentional or not) compares to the likes of greasing and roiding..?
6/6/11 11:29:05AM
Kos phantom illegal knees to his face by rumble and daley are cheating
6/8/11 2:42:37PM
One part of the article that is wrong is about Bisping receiving a big bonus, Dana white said in an interview that he did not receive his bonus and that was his punishment. He said that it was a large amount of money and a pretty big punishment.

Interesting article but its pretty silly. That bisping rivera fight was close to being stopped and could have been a DQ with a different ref or doctor. Congo went to a draw (would have won hadn't been for the point). Jones threw illegal elbows that were irrelevant to the stoppage and has a loss on his record.

Although poking in the eye does seem like a good way to get the advantage, Kevin burns won one and shields won 2 rounds after his eye poke against GSP.
6/8/11 3:11:47PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

Kos phantom illegal knees to his face by rumble and daley are cheating

Kos looked like he took acting lessons from soccer players on those things... and Logan the hottest Ring Girl ever got fiered for saying he was totally acting at and after party... She was 5 feet from the octogon if anyone could see she could...

IMO any type of illegal move should have harsher repercussions, there are accident and then there are knees like bisping did. Most the time when its an accident you can tell by the fighters face that he did not mean to do it or if he ment to. They need crack down, people say Jones loss to Hammil for the illegal elbows was BS, but they were illegal strikes and illegal strikes are not allowed.
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