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4/4/08 10:24:03AM
I have around 9 UFC & 12 PrideFC DVDs in great condition. A dream lot for sure!!
4/4/08 10:25:44AM
I'm looking for Pride Bushido 4,5,6,9,10,11,12
4/4/08 6:48:51PM
What ones do you have for UFC?

I have UFC 1,2,3,4,59,60,61,67,69,73,75,79,81 UFN 2, and 12 Ultimate Knockouts 4 and Ultimate Ultimate Knockouts

for pride i just have Pride : Shockwave 2006 (Wandy vs Arona , CC vs Hunt, fedor, gomi, etc.

for IFL - Just knocksouts and topfights
KingoftheCage - 10 of them, and a rampage one with all of his fights. (Rampage vs Eastman 1)
4/5/08 11:42:11AM
Does anyone know if they will release any other earlier UFC's on DVD? Ultimate Field Of Dreams and such?
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