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2/4/08 9:00:05AM
I bought this yesterday and haven't been able to put it down. So far, I'm about halfway through it and I'm eagerly looking forward to getting home tonight to finish it.

I think I may read Matt Hughes' book after I finish this one.

Anyways...has anyone else read Chuck's book? Thoughts?
2/4/08 9:42:54AM
to be honest i didnt even know he had a book out
2/4/08 10:10:45AM

Posted by Smd277

to be honest i didnt even know he had a book out

It just came out last week, I believe.
2/4/08 10:17:42AM
I heard it's suposed to be good he was on conan o'brien talking about it.
2/4/08 11:37:16AM

Posted by mrliquid

I heard it's suposed to be good he was on conan o'brien talking about it.

So far, it's pretty damned interesting.

I'd recommend it to any MMA fan.
2/4/08 12:48:59PM
I have Liddell's book coming in the mail. I am looking forward to reading it.

I have already read Matt hughes' book. Like you said about Chuck's book, I couldn't put it down. I know a lot of people dislike Hughes, but it was very interesting to read about what kind of life he has lived. I have always been a fan, but after reading this book, I have even more respect for him, and some other fighters mentioned in the book, for what they had to go through while mma was still an unknown sport.
2/4/08 1:27:53PM
I agree with everything you said. This book has made me respect Chuck more as a person. It's pretty cool knowing what goes on inside a fighter's head.
2/19/08 4:32:28AM
I bought Chuck's book and had already read the Hughes book, I can say Chuck's book is bar far the better read IMO.
2/19/08 9:25:48AM
Chuck's book was great. I started reading it one night and finished it around noon the next day. He's a great guy all around and very down to earth. Much respect for the Iceman, I don't care if he loses his next 10 fights.
2/19/08 1:12:49PM
I read Chuck's book.

It was good, and it gave some insight, but ultimately I didn't feel it was "great" on any levels. I'm looking forward to reading Jens Pulver's book. Supposedly that one has a lot more real life struggle to it. I really like Jens Pulver as it is, so I'm hoping for it to be excellent.

Chuck's was good, and an easy read.. but overall I rate it a B- since anyone who has been following MMA since it's inception or has read a lot of articles/interviews on Chuck won't learn much new.
2/19/08 1:48:44PM
Haven't read it myself... But it's been #9 on the best sellers list for the past two weeks, which can't be a bad thing for MMA in the mainstream

NYTimes Best Sellers List (non-ficiton)
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