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3/15/11 8:23:00PM
Okay I'm thinking about going on hydroxycut I weight 220 but have a lot of fat in my stomach area its flabby, I've heard hydroxycut works but I wanted to get an opipnion is it good bad? Any side effects? Is it a steroid?

Any help will get props thanks guys
3/15/11 8:55:57PM
Done it before for two bottles worth and I saw no real change for it. It was Hardcore too not the original. I also used Lipo Six I thought it was better but three bottles in it had tappered off so much I would have had to take like 5 pills to get the same effect. I guess thats the same thing the Hydroxycut did only quicker. I also got headaches when I quit taking them from the withdraw. Too bad a Clen T# stack isn't legal that will melt the fat away.
3/15/11 10:13:37PM
Doesn't Ronni from Jersey Shore advertise Hydroxycut?.... must work.
3/15/11 10:55:34PM
I love when he says something like Keepin it real is what its all about and thats why I use hydroxycut! Whats that even mean?
3/15/11 11:18:35PM

Posted by postman

I love when he says something like Keepin it real is what its all about and thats why I use hydroxycut! Whats that even mean?

I don't know what it means either...but it cracks me up because he refers to everyone in the commercial as his 'friend' and he's probably never even met them before.
3/15/11 11:49:36PM
Hi - my background is a masters in exercise physiology, personal fitness trainer for 5 years, and now a sports scientist working with many athletes -

Let's drop the Hydroxycut and any other "gonna make you lose fat and gain lean muscle" pills. The formula is: increase your lean mass + excellent nutrition = decrease percent body fat.

So, eat a carb happy meal about 3 hours before training, drink lots of fluid throughout the day and throughout your workout (if you are a heavy sweater, choose a sports beverage), then eat about 15 g of protein (no more) + some carbs immediately after your workout, then another 15 g about 2 hours later.
On top of that, interval train like a crazy man - make your resistance training workouts, mma training all cardio-based... keep moving and add in short high intensity bursts as much as possible. Workouts should be no less that one hour.

Hope this helps! and good luck
3/16/11 1:51:22AM
Keepin it fake is what I'm all about.
3/17/11 7:15:15PM
Stay away from any supplement with a "Z" or "X" in the name. The only thing that works is a balanced diet with regular exercise. Good luck.
3/17/11 8:13:20PM
Wasn't hydroxycut yanked from shelves once before for having horrible effects on the body? Not ot be a complete dick but my god, if you are that desperate and lazy to lose weight, hit your local ghetto and score a bag of coke. I understand some people have issues with weight, but its nothing that correct dieting and exercise wont take care of. Be patient and dont go looking for "overnight results". Clean fluids, chicken, and cardio cardio cardio.... dont fall to "BIBS" though (bigger is better syndrome) Make your work-outs count but dont over do them, the body needs rest and time to heal. Hope this too helps and hopefully nobody takes my comment wrong but weightloss supplements are dangerous.