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8/30/07 12:48:34AM
Matt Hughes to Start Fight Team; Robbie Lawler and Corey Hill on Board

Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes is starting his own fight team and will soon open a 13,5000-square-foot gym in Granite City, Ill. However, despite a flood of rumors, Hughes' supposed departure from his longtime home with Pat Miletich Fighting Systems was on completely amicable terms.

8/30/07 1:00:41AM
probably a smart move for anyone who has made a name fighting to start a gym so that they can have something in place for after they retire.
8/30/07 1:43:12AM
if hill is bouncing is horn??
8/30/07 2:06:35AM
Sad to see MFS's premier fighter leave them. Although I'm sure Hughes needs to start worrying about doing something for himself.
8/30/07 2:08:57AM
wouldn't it be awesome of bj penn and GSP joined the gym?
8/30/07 3:11:41AM
Very nice I live 10 miles from Granite City!
8/30/07 3:19:41AM
I think this will be very good for him. It will probably allow him to better concentrate on up and coming fights. He seems to be a homebody, so having a gym down the street from where he lives will probably allow to him to be more focused on fights. Easier to keep things stable at home. It seems to be working for alot of the elite fighters in mma today such as, Dan Henderson, Chuck Liddell, and Randy Couture and so fourth. So it could only be good for him as long as Matt hires the right people.
8/30/07 4:57:41AM

Posted by Vietnamese_Guy

wouldn't it be awesome of bj penn and GSP joined the gym?

Yeah, and Chuck and Tito are training together at The Pit for their next opponents lol
8/30/07 7:46:13AM
I think it's a secure career move for Hughes.Especialy if he were to lose to Serra and wanted to take some time off.He would definently get alot of students.
8/30/07 8:11:16AM
It seems like within the last couple of years MFS has just fallen off the map...Matt was probably running things over there any way. The game is just to advanced for the teaching of Pat Miletich but i still have mad respect for the guy.
8/30/07 9:08:05AM
Smart business move for Hughes.

If I had to guess, Hughes will only fight for 2 or 3 more years. I believe he's even hinted about retirement in a few interviews. So, with the explosion of MMA in the US, Hughes won't have any trouble finding students in the midwest for his gym.

8/30/07 10:57:26AM

Posted by lemandp

if hill is bouncing is horn??

horn bounced a couple of years ago. he has a school out in salt lake city.
8/30/07 1:14:32PM
good for him,theres a lot of many in a gym i see him not fighting that much longer when he has his own guys to train tho
8/30/07 5:46:25PM
Thats a great move for Hughes...I feel sorry for MFS though cause they were the elite for a while when Hughes and Sylvia were both champions. They have definitely taken a dive. There is just to much good gyms out there now wether it be Quest, Chute Box, Brazilian Top Team, American Top Team, Jackson's Camp.

So its a great move for Hughes and I am sure he will have plenty of people lining up to get in there.
8/31/07 3:15:04AM
sounds there will be never be another MFS Reign in mma

except maybe the ifl lol
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