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11/25/07 1:41:55AM
this says alot about the character of gsp by him taking such a big fight on such short notice, says a lot about hughes for not just declining and waiting for an easier opponent, or for serra to get healthy and take an easy win.. and says a lot for the ufc, setting up this fight and beefing up an already big card instead of putting it in 80 to help that card.

This moment right here is what mma should be
11/25/07 3:31:12AM

Posted by RMFG_187

I Am one of the BIGGEST GSP fans in the world. ive met him on numerous occasions, ive been to his seminars, i even went to his after party after he had beaten Matt Hughes.

But as much as i like Rush, I think he is in trouble in this fight. Matt Hughes has been training for this since September. George is in shape, but will need to work on cutting down to fight weight for Dec 29. And On top of all that. Matt Serra is the TRUE CHAMP. I REALLY I MEEN REALLY wanted to see Matt Hughes Get his ASS BEATEN by Serra. and i wanted to see the rematch With GSP and Terra Serra with Matt Bein the champ, so GSP can take it back from Matt Serra.

But As Things Are Right Now.


IMO The Best P4P Fighter in The World. After He Takes The Belt, He Will Take The Belt From The Winner Of Silva/Henderson.

Hooah Baby!

GSP GSP GSP GSP!!!!!!!!!

that would be crazy if GSP moved to MW, ive said that GSP could easily make 180 or 185 and still be super ripped, i just dont know if he wont beat anderson, but that would be fight of the century right there!
11/25/07 3:42:54AM
Ahhh GSP is a big WW, but at MW he would lose his size advantage. I have to go with GSP in this fight. Silva would probably beat him handily, no need to talk about moving up, it's not a good career decision. Have to say i'm proud of the UFC for this one.
11/25/07 4:40:00AM
ssweet but serra is still the man and would have submitted Hughs after he took a a couple rounds of GnP Gsp by unanamous decison!!!!!
11/25/07 4:48:22AM
still disapointed i dont get to se Serra choke the life out of Hughs!!!!!!
11/25/07 8:04:10AM
i think this blows... this means we may never get to see sera vs hughes..... i think dana should have just waited until serra got better.
11/25/07 8:23:16AM
To me this is better than hughes figthing serra. Hopefully gsp wins and gets a re-match with serra.
11/25/07 10:27:22AM
This was what I thought would make sense. This is awesome and maybe better than Serra vs. Hughes. Serra vs. GSP 2 will most definitely happen if GSP can whoop Hughes again. Then, the rematch between Serra and GSP takes place in Canada. Serra might be booed out of the arena.
11/25/07 1:31:08PM
This is how it should be... these 2 guys are the top of their weight class and to be honest I don't think that Serra should have even been in the picture to begin with. I have to say this though, Serra's win over GS did accomplish 2 things...1 it taught GSP the lesson of not taking a fight lightly and underestimating an opponent, and 2 it opened up the WW div so that we could get some exciting new matches. This is the true title match!!!
11/25/07 1:44:12PM
I have to agree that Serra beating GSP it opened up the ww division for other fighters to get the belt, but the way the ufc set up tuf 6 and ufc 74, it really only gave one of the decent ww's a shot at Mat Serra (KOS), witch was a very small shot because he had to fight GSP. The ufc was smart by making the winnner of Kos/ GSP and Hughes the only legitiment contenders for the title becasue they were the only 3 worthy of it.
11/25/07 2:02:10PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

i am glad my money didn't go to waste couldn't ask for a better fight i hope it goes through

Maybe I missed something, but how did that fight getting cancelled cost you money?

11/25/07 2:16:17PM
UFC 79=awesome
11/25/07 2:25:51PM
I think that after GSP beats Hughes then GSP beats Serra. Serra and Hughes will fight just because.
11/25/07 2:41:43PM

Posted by TimW001

I think that after GSP beats Hughes then GSP beats Serra. Serra and Hughes will fight just because.

they still have to fight, even if it is not for the belt, as coach of TUF 6 , they are suppose to, unless Serra is really out for a while .

11/25/07 3:42:18PM

Does anyone know how i feel about this news?


Its ..........

Im sorry for that but ive had a crap day at work and coming home to see this has made my day, no, week, no, month, no, year, oh no wait, life, ufc 65 wasnt enough for me - even if it was a perfect fight from a GSP fans perspective i just need to see more sprawls and more fast technical striking on that guy who i seriously dislike - Hughes, this is a rubber match to end all rubber matches, better than Chuck Randy tbh, wow UFC 79 will be the BEST UFC EVER!

Serra VS Hughes will still happen - at UFC 89
11/25/07 3:56:09PM
That would suck if they had a power outage in the arena and had to re-scheduale.
11/25/07 9:17:53PM

Posted by TimW001

That would suck if they had a power outage in the arena and had to re-scheduale.

if that happen, they will move outside, form a circle with 100 cars and open there light, they will fight like in a movie and the a takedown on the sphalt will be deadly by they will fight anyways !!

11/25/07 9:46:36PM
this is Absolutely amazing
11/25/07 9:56:07PM

Posted by bullettdodger

The reason why im surprised by this is because it doesn't make sense for the UFC in the monetary sense. It just typically seems to be the case that the UFC cares more about money than their fans.

Sure it does. For this fight they can work the trilogy angle

If Hughes wins: They sell the grudge angle with Serra
If GSP wins: The sell the revenge angle with Serra
11/25/07 10:36:25PM
Now this card is one of the best of the year. Way to go UFC give us all what we want for x-mas!!!
11/26/07 2:36:05AM
I would of liked to see either Kos or Gsp take serra's place so this makes me very happy i am really excited to see how this fight plays out though.Im going to pick gsp but hughes is definetley not ruled out.
11/26/07 4:43:52AM
Best news I've heard all ****** month!!! This more than makes up for Serra's injury pullout!

11/26/07 10:44:08AM
This is the best news EVER
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