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8/30/07 3:18:45PM
Hey guys, I am new here and am a huge fan of MMA. I went 7-2 in my debut, correctly predicting the Randy Couture - Gabriel Gonzaga fight. You don't bet against a 44 years old MMA champion and hopefully Gonzaga bettors have learned their lesson. :) Looking forward to accurately predicting other MMA events. It sure was fun the first time around.

Maleko ( )
8/30/07 5:28:51PM
Welcome to the site.
8/30/07 7:41:35PM
Welcome aboard. Yeah, I love picking fights. I didn't think there was a way to add to the experience of watching MMA until this site came around.
8/31/07 5:52:30PM
welcome ,and yeah pickin fights is fun,sure i lose a lot but hey i have the props hint hint if anyone wants to give i will take
9/7/07 7:12:47AM
nice blog mate, keep up the good work.
9/9/07 8:59:51PM
welcome to the playground.
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