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4/29/08 12:27:58AM
It is confirmed now apparently by MMAWeekly, cannot wait for this fight.

4/29/08 12:37:46AM
Mods delete this please......didn't realize it was posted.....
4/29/08 10:45:00AM
Awesome, cant wait for that one, florian all the way !!!!!
4/29/08 1:31:37PM
Lesnar vs. Coleman had make sure i got my tickets...Now Kenflo and Huerta are just adding excitement. It's gonna be a great fight.
4/29/08 4:53:34PM
Should be a great fight....Huerta is great on his feet and Florian is no joke standing either. Florian is a master on the ground...but Huerta is slick, smart and tough on the ground.
That's a great fight.
Roger will rock him a couple times in the first two rounds, but I say Florian by submission early round 3?
I would guesstimate a guillotine.
It doesn't matter though...neither will beat Baby Jay when he is done choking out the Steroid Shark.
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