Houston Alexander Is All About Perspective

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11/12/07 8:07:10AM
“The fight with Keith (Jardine), the fight with (Alessio) Sakara, all this happened for a reason and if my reason is to bring some type of excitement to the UFC to kind of jumpstart it a little bit, if that’s my job, so be it.” His opponent in New Jersey will be Chute Boxe and Team Link fighter Thiago Silva, who is currently sporting an undefeated record and fights with a tremendous amount of intensity.

“Thiago (Silva) likes to come out the same way,” said Alexander. “He likes to come out and start striking from the footage I’ve seen and I like doing the same. If you’ve got two guys who like doing the same thing, you’re going to find some fireworks somewhere in the fight.”

In his two fights so far in the UFC, Alexander has dispatched of his opponents in a total of less than two minutes and he’s looking for another quick finish against Silva. “Here’s a hint. We’re trying to keep it under two minutes,” he said with confidence. “Even after this third fight, we’re trying to keep it under two minutes.”

11/12/07 8:12:24AM
I like Alexander, but I am going against him in this one.
11/12/07 11:34:50AM
I think he can pull it off i dont think i would ever put my money against the guy even if he was going against kimbo
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