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11/12/07 9:57:43AM
Tompkins revealed this weekend that the IFL had withdrawn Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace Wagnney Fabiano from the 155-pound final against the undefeated Horodecki on Saturday, Dec. 29 at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn. and replaced him with Shad Lierley.
Tompkins said Fabiano would instead fight for the soon-to-be minted featherweight (under 145 pounds) championship Dec. 29. No opponent has been announced. The IFL plans to use its year-end event as a staging point to launch the new weight class, according to Tompkins.

“I believe the IFL, in that show, is going to start a 145-pound division, and Wagnney will be fighting for a 145-pound title,” Tompkins said. “We’re big fans of Wagnney Fabiano. Obviously, he’s waved the Canadian flag for [the Toronto Dragons]. We hope he becomes the 145-pound champion.”

11/12/07 10:32:47AM
dam i was looking forward to that match up.
I think Fabiano had the ground skills to beat Horodecki for sure (3rd degree BJJ black Belt).
Although it is nice to see Wagneey fighting in his natural weight class.
11/12/07 11:03:04AM
They're opening a Featherweight division? It seems like they can't even keep the guys they already have. I think half of the guys who were supposed to compete in the GP dropped out, for one reason or another.

11/12/07 11:21:53AM
Then why don't they just give us Horodecki vs. John Gunderson? That's the fight that I wanted to see anyway.

I don't really care about a featherweight division. But it makes no sense. As it stands now, each matchup has 5 fights, so there are no ties. But with 6 fights, we could have a lot of 3-3 ties. Maybe they are also phasing out the HW division? That would be good news for Rothwell, Jaoude, etc., but not for the IFL. They had some decent HWs, but the FW division isn't exactly stacked all around. This should be interesting.

As for Horodecki, I think that they could possibly be trying to ensure that he will win. They want to give the fans what they want, and the fans want Horodecki to win. Maybe they think that there's a possibility that if Chris loses, then fans will turn off the rest of the event. Just speculation...
11/12/07 11:33:18AM
I just cant see them phasing out the HW division when that is where a lot of their talent is
11/12/07 11:59:40AM
Theres been a lot of rumors that the IFL will indeed drop the HW division for this new 145. For the ties
11/12/07 2:29:25PM
Am I overreacting if I think this makes the IFL look like a bunch of amateurs??? What the hell kind of GP is it if fighters are being dropped due to contract issues, and now they just up and decide to start another weight class so one of their FINALS is changed ??? What the hell is that? I don't care of Horodecky v. Lierly is a good fight, it makes the IFL look like it's a free for all.
11/13/07 7:26:40PM
Like I said.. I don't know why people are complaining.. Your getting another title fight, plus your getting Horodecki/Lierley 2.. If I wasn't excited for this card before, I am now.. Looks like they are stacking the card for the end of the year.. I'm going to be a happy boy this Christmas season..