UFC 75=History

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9/2/07 8:48:08AM
September 10th, Spike TV, MMA history will be made. Rampage Jackson will take on Dan Henderson at UFC 75 in a title unification match.

9/2/07 9:03:23AM
LOL...in the first sentence, it says the fight is on Sept 10th. At least they correct themselves at the end.
9/2/07 9:29:53AM
This is a very poorly written "article" even by MMA standards. I wonder if some of these "writers" graduated high school.
9/2/07 9:59:35AM
I think once this sport gets really established, the writing will get alot better. The Baltimore Sun, the Washington Post and the Washington Times have real journalist writing for them. Alot of other article are just fans like you and me who are doing the writing.
9/3/07 5:46:52PM
??? the 10th
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