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7/7/08 6:15:24AM
Unless the world gets turned upside down in the second half of 2008, it is unlikely that we will ever see a year like 2007 when it comes to upsets in the UFC Octagon. But while there aren’t any fights on the level of Matt Serra-Georges St-Pierre I, Gabriel Gonzaga-Mirko Cro Cop, Houston Alexander-Keith Jardine, or Jake O’Brien-Heath Herring on the ledger thus far this year, there have been a handful of fights that confirm the old adage that on any given night, anything can happen, especially in the UFC.

7/7/08 6:30:19AM
Good read thanks for posting it...
7/7/08 11:22:32AM
i didn't think any of the fights listed were big upsets at all.
forrest/rampage- forrest is one of the best fighters in the world. believe it.
alexander/jardine- jardine has shown he can be knocked out by very aggressive fighters although i'd say it was the biggest upset of them all.
day/belcher- day was coming off the biggest win of his career when he beat the crow. if you can beat the crow chances are you'll have a chance to beat anyone in the world at mw and he showed that by smashing belcher
rivera/grove- grove was coming off a ko loss and rivera is a seasoned vet. when rivera comes to fight with his game face on not many people can beat this guy. the problem is he only shows up half the time.
herring/kongo- not an upset at all when you look at the two fighters careers. if anything it would have been an upset if kongo won
werdum/gonzaga- again not an upset at all considering werdum beat gonzaga earlier in their careers.
7/7/08 1:11:03PM
i dont see werdum wins over gonzaga as an upset because gonzaga lost to him before. not that big on an upset.

rivera over grove. not big
day over belcher. come on who has belcher fought
herring over kongo. a close decision not too suprising

the only ones are kinda forrest over rampage and burns over roan
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