HFC Hardcore fighting championship should be added..good card..

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POLL: Shouls HFC be added to secondary league??
Yes 27% (3)
No 36% (4)
Want to look into it more 36% (4)
9/27/07 3:29:32AM
Not sure who has or hasn't heard of the HFC but i think it should be added to the secondary league. It is based in alberta Canada and has been having some more than decent fight cards... Coming up Oct 19 airing on the score channel. MAIN Event: Aleksander Emelianenko (Fedors bro) vs.Wesley “Cabbage” Correira
Semi Main Events:
Gegard Mousasi (Armenia) vs. TBA

HCF World Middleweight Women’s Title (135 lbs)
Sarah Kaufman (Canada) vs. Ginele Marquez (USA)

HCF World Lightweight Title (155 lbs)
Thomas Schulte (USA) vs. Ariel Sexton (Costa Ricca)

Marcus Vinicios (Canada) vs. Edwin DeWees (USA)
Len Tam (Canada) vs. Gerald Lovato (USA)
Ben Greer (Canada) vs. TBA
Myles Merola (Canada) vs. Juan Barrantes (Costa Rica)
Andrew Buckland (Canada) vs. TBA
Garrett Davis (Canada) vs. Toby Johnson (USA)
Tim Smith (Canada) vs. Mike Rowbotham (Canada)
and to throw it out there, watch out for Andrew Buckland coming up fast, new in the game but someone to watch for!! so i guess who makes some decisions, give it some thought, its a league getting bigger and better, talent wise!! Let me know your thoughts and keep up the good work on this site!!!
9/27/07 11:50:00AM
i need to think about it more, but i needed to post so you know people are looking at it, ive had posts that no1 post on and i was like '' i really wanted to no''
9/28/07 3:22:27AM
????? lol
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