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9/10/07 9:19:13PM
has anyone heard if hendo plans on fighting 185 in the ufc?im assum ng he is since he holds a tile there.so are we gonna see him against the spider next?i dont see why not.surely they wont make him fight someone else first.
9/10/07 9:38:40PM
imo hendo can do some damage to the 185 div. I am not sure that he will be able to beat anderson, but he would be well within the top 5 at 185.
9/10/07 9:43:00PM
It all is going to depend on who wins the middle weight title. Because if Rich Franklin wins the title all you could really set up is Anderson/Rich 3 and Rich vs Hendo. Because Rich already beat Okami and Macdonald and those two are fighting at 77 too.

But if Anderson defends the title. He could fight the winner of Okami/Macdonald or hendo.
9/11/07 12:29:59AM
he would do good at 185, but is he signed with the ufc or is he still in pride?
9/15/07 5:40:32PM
Agreed with enemyofmany here, Hendo vs Silva would be the logical choice here, Cause i can't really see Franklin coming ontop of his fight vs Silva as he will get schooled once again. So R.I.P. Rich Franklin and can't wait to see some more of Hendo in daa UFC
9/18/07 7:03:31AM
Realistically, I think on any given day, Hendo can beat anyone in both the middle and light heavy division, despite being small as a light heavyweight. I don't think he would have much of a problem handling anyone in the middleweight division though if he drops down, including Anderson Silva.
9/18/07 10:32:23AM
I don't think, we will see Henderson at 185 anytime soon, because I heard he said it's tough for fighters his age to make the weight.
9/21/07 4:05:13PM
true but he bulked up for this last fight..
his normal walking weight is 193... not even 10 lbs to drop .. easy for him to do
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