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2/24/08 8:59:01AM
Dan Henderson’s last fight was against Quinton Jackson, the former Pride fighter who has taken the UFC by storm since joining the organization, establishing himself as arguably the best fighter in mixed martial arts.

Henderson lost that UFC 75 light heavyweight championship bout in September, dropping a unanimous decision after battling Jackson for five grueling rounds.

Though he’ll be dropping from the 205-pound division to the 185-pound middleweight division, the road won’t get any easier for Henderson. Anderson Silva, his opponent in Saturday’s middleweight championship fight at UFC 82 in Columbus, Ohio, is largely regarded as the top pound-for-pound fighter in MMA.

Henderson wouldn’t have it any other way.

“The challenge is what keeps me going,” Henderson said in a conference call Thursday. “It’s what keeps me motivated and training. It’s definitely something I get up for.”

2/24/08 12:39:14PM
considering Dan's big fights & talent its hard not to pick him. Anderson has been on fire though & this is gonna be one of the greatest fights we've seen in a long time. WAR HENDO!
2/24/08 1:19:53PM
this is going to be an instant classic and maybe fight of the year. we haven't seen silva against a wrestler yet and hendo is the best at it. i think it will be a war and ill be rooting for the spider, but i think hendo has too much strength in and power for silva to handle, he grinds out a hard fought decision, similar to the rampage fight.
2/24/08 1:49:11PM
I think Dan could be top 5 LHW easily, or top 3 MW easily, I don't think he will beat Silva but he definitely could. He's got all sorts of KO power, even in his left, and prob'ly the best wrestling in the MW div. As has been said, Fight of the Year written all over it.
2/24/08 1:55:19PM
I've had so much trouble picking this fight! I changed my pick last week for like the fifth time to hedno Dec. And I don't even know who I'm cheering for more. This fight is going to be awesome.
2/24/08 4:16:21PM
It is a tough one for sure, i've been an Anderson Silva man for a long time, but i find myself to have been a Hendo guy longer... im still picking silva RD3-4 TKO/KO but damnit if i don't want to change it to Hendo by decision.... gah i can't fuggin wait for this fight!
2/24/08 4:32:37PM
I'm not a huge fan of Anderson Silva myself, but I got to respect the dude. He's been the most dominate fighter of the past year. But, that being said. I'm taking Henderson in the fight because of the list of fighters he has beaten and faced. I also think Henderson will be taking this fight to the ground. Where I think he will win it.
2/25/08 12:26:33AM
man this is just a bad fight for hendo, if he takes it to the ground silva will probably just submit him and the standing game is probably no good either unless he catches anderson or something, both have never been knocked out but i cant see this going to a decision someones getting KO'd and i think anderson is gonna walk away with the belt and the 4th title defense including lutter (i dont care if lutter didnt make weight nobody would give silva credit anymore if he lost that fight) this is really a shame because i wanted hendo to be champ at 205 and this fight is much more of a threat to his well being as rampage was almost the first guy to KO hendo, as much as i like hendo the only way i see him winning is some flash sub or tko, no way he lays on anderson for 5 rounds and or outstrikes him for 5 rounds, if it goes to a decision which it wont it will be in andersons favor because hendo is such a bad mofo and wont be KO'd or Sub'd, i have the spread at 80/20 in favor of anderson, even tho this is his biggest test at middleweight and i see a rematch sometime in the future this is just a different kind of fighter, freakish striking and submission and ground game, he has the style to dominate rampage if he bulked up at 205, similar to wandy's and shogun's striking and he would be stronger at 205 so i dont see why people think rampage would be so much stronger there pretty much the same height and anderson would be about the same size as rampage at 205, regardless of fantasy matches this is a uphill battle for hendo, and regardless of the playground odds he is the underdog in this fight.

anderson makes history and becomes the first man to KO hendo in the 2nd-4th round, or he catches a sub early on in the fight 1st-3rd round, that being said hendo could KO anderson, nobody is invincibile, hendo or anderson
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