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12/11/07 11:53:55AM
With only one Strike Force fight under his newly-won belt, Alistair Overeem nevertheless seems to have emerged as a genuine Heavyweight champion.

The problem is, Strike Force's stable of Heavyweight talent is a bit bare at the moment. Paul Buentello ran through three guys in Strike Force before hitting the Orange Wall. So I propose to add some spice to their dish, with four Heavyweight fighters who are all looking for a home.

Heath Herring is reportedly considering retirement after going 1-2 in the UFC. But he'll be only 31 years old this Spring, and I think if Herring could get his mojo back, the Texas Crazy Horse of old could pose a stiff challenge to The Demolition Man.

Where in the world is Ben Rothwell? I have no idea. Supposedly, the IFL is still negotiating with its itinerant star, but he was too much for those fighters anyway. I think he should step up to the next level.

Roman Zhentsov lost a UD to Brandon Lee Hinkle last Summer, but that was a hiccup in a nice run of wins in Pride, M-1, and BodogFight for the journeyman slugger.

Roger Gracie made Ron Waterman look old and slow a year ago, and has reportedly been training in MMA since then. Maybe Waterman really is old and slow, I dunno, but I was impressed with Gracie's poise and technique, and I've always been a fan of the Heavyweight submission grapplers.

How about a little mini-tourney with these four guys? The winner gets a shot at Overeem's bling.
12/11/07 1:56:47PM
man Heath Herring seems like such a old guy guess its cuz he has been around forever.

i would love to see Rothwell fight Buentello. A win over paul would put Ben on the map. I hope he starts fighting out of a big org. Its time he shows what he got.
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