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6/14/09 2:22:39AM
I totally agree that Carwin and Brock are both really bad matchups for Cain, which is one reason I don't want to see Carwin VS Cain for the #1 contender. I'd rather see Cain develop his game some more against guys he can beat.
6/14/09 2:44:31AM

Posted by Jackelope

Cain is phenomenal. I've always been a believer, but that's because I'm an ASU nut hugger Seriously, though.. just look at his standup. You can tell the dude is for real when a guy with such a strong wrestling base has developed loose enough and diverse enough standup as Cain has. The dude is a force for sure.

Here's the problem, though- He's in a division with great wrestlers who are even bigger than he is above him. He may have better standup than both Carwin and Lesnar, but they're so much bigger than him that one shot of theirs will be like two of his. Should he choose to impose his wrestling upon them, they're both great wrestlers. He's in trouble based on size and the fact that his strongest suit is also their strongest suit.

Being 100% honest, here- I think Cain Velasquez could beat both Carwin and Lesnar if they were equal size. This is my problem in general with the HW division, and it's why I'm still and always have been an advocate for a cruiserweight division.

id like to see a weight class at about 220-225, and cain is a beast, but his power is not going to match that of carwins or lesnars, id like to see cain fight the loser of couture/nog
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