‘Head Hunter' To Face Overeem for Strikeforce Belt

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10/21/07 11:08:32AM
Veteran Paul Buentello announced that he will face Dutch striker Alistair Overeem for the vacant Strikeforce heavyweight title on Nov. 16 at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif.

10/21/07 11:55:06AM
Finally, my boy Alistair will get some gold around his waist and get some exposure in the US. This is the best situation for Alistair right now, get some wins at Heavyweight and eventually the UFC might be callin. Although I don't mind seein him fight in other orgs. I'd much rather see him in the US the K-1 in Japan
10/21/07 12:00:42PM
Nice, this is a great fight. Can't wait.
10/21/07 12:32:32PM
nice match-up, I would see Overream winnig this, although he didnt look so hot in his last fight, and with Paul you never know...that dude can hit hard!
10/21/07 1:16:34PM
If overeem gets his cardio to half decent, he wins. I like him in the ring of K-1 better since he's a good striker, but I also wish they'd televise their cards in canada lol.
10/21/07 1:51:20PM
good stuff
10/21/07 4:13:30PM
man that should be an exciting fight and not to mention itll be on showtime for free!
10/21/07 4:44:26PM
I can't wait for this fight. Look to be a good old fashion slugfest. But I'm going with the head Hunter because Overreem don't live up to his potential most the time...
10/21/07 9:00:00PM
Overeem needs to retire!!!!!
10/21/07 9:09:03PM

Posted by Porch28

Overeem needs to retire!!!!!

Why? The only thing he needs to do to win a bunch of fights is improve his gas tank. He'd have a ton more wins if he didn't gas in the first round every fight.
10/22/07 6:29:13AM
This should be a damn good fight!
10/22/07 11:13:24PM
My Man the Head Hunter will win this one in devastting fashion. If he deos i see the UFC knocking on his door again. Now that the UFC HW belt is up for grabs!
10/23/07 5:57:41AM
I just cant rate Overeem much anymore, dangerous strikes at 1st but Paul can take a few (just not 1 on the button from AA) then beat a gassed version
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