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2/8/08 1:50:13PM
HDnet Fights has partnered with Strikeforce to televise four of the California-based promotion's events in 2008.

Starting with its first foray outside the Golden State on Feb. 23, live coverage of "Strikeforce at The Dome," headlined by Bob Sapp's mixed martial arts debut in a cage, begins at 10:30 p.m. ET from Tacoma, Wash.

2/8/08 1:55:43PM
strikeforce keeps doing good things! they might be the one company that outshines all the others
2/8/08 4:09:45PM
strikeforce is ahead of IFL and WEC in my book. i hope they do succeed. That free event on Yahoo was a GREAT idea, they got a lot of fan base after that night. but it will be tough to pass M-1 and they're predicted success. only time will tell, but i hope we get another "Pride Type" org to go against the UFC, because frankly a lot of people might agree with me, that the UFC has bought into its hype, they do have the best fighters in the world no doubt in my mind, but the business side, is all screwed up. i really REALLY dont like Dana with the way he is handling UFC right now. although, without him, UFC would be no where, and we might have seen Pride buy the UFC
2/8/08 4:10:13PM
So only us with HD tvs will be able to see it?
2/8/08 4:30:15PM
You can watch it with a non-HD tv, you just need to have a HD converter and have the channel (Comcast only carries HDNet in very limited areas atm).

Everyone is going to need a HD converter sooner or later and they are pretty reasonable now a days.

PS Even though most are pissed that the UFC PPV went up, for me it acutally went down by 5 bucks I used to pay $50 for a HD broadcast of the UFC (Worth every penny on my 58" Plasma!) and now its dropped to $45. Another insentive to get a HD tv!
2/9/08 3:43:59PM
How many companies are tied to Strikeforce now?
Elite XC, ProElite, Icon, King of the Cage....how many am I forgetting?
It's ridiculous....
I do watch it all...I wouldn't miss any MMA for the world....but even with all the different promotions together they have yet to have a really good card.
They need to merge all the different promotions into one name....at least then they will be on the right road.
Some of the shows are on Showtime, some on Yahoo sports and now HDnet too?
Insane. Put them all on Showtime.....and get rid of their pitiful commentary staff.
2/9/08 11:07:47PM
Strikeforce is not part of ProElite (Elite XC, KOTC, Icon,CageRage) they just like to co-promote events for a better card to go up against UFC. Plus ProElite has a cable deal with Showtime.
The deal with HDNet gives them more exposure and gives HDNet a legitamate Top-5 MMA organization to showcase.
With this deal I believe that HDNet is now the #3 or #4 outlet on television for MMA which is good for the fans of the sport.
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