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5/9/08 4:23:04AM
Hardcore Championship Fighting is officially out of business, CEO Keith Crawford has informed Sherdog.com.

The news comes after a period of great optimism for the Canadian organization. HCF was expected to announce this week that it had been purchased -- a move that Crawford hoped would put the promotion among the few legitimately vying for the No. 2 spot behind the UFC.

5/9/08 9:07:58AM
hardcore championship fighting down, IFL next.
5/9/08 9:50:21AM
They had a decent roster for a small org. David Loiseau, Gideon Ray, Aleks, etc. Some of these fighters will have to move up to the bigger orgs.
5/9/08 10:38:00AM
Another one bites the dust
5/9/08 11:54:10AM
he might be right, ifl next
a shame but alot of these promotions are dying out,
i think afflication and andrenaline will go as well,

ufc should grab some of these guys wasn't little nog in HCF?? and grab that middleweight threat gegard
5/9/08 1:55:22PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

hardcore championship fighting down, IFL next.

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