Hamill Ready to Settle Unfinished Business

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8/31/07 9:46:44AM
When Matt Hamill stepped into the Octagon in his home state of Ohio this past March, he said he could feel the crowd, which for a deaf person is probably as close as they will get to the sensation of hearing. That made it an emotional night to say the least for the light heavyweight prospect, who then went on to delight his fans with a first round stoppage of Rex Holman at UFC 68.

8/31/07 3:41:42PM
I have Hamill winning by UD. It think it's going to be a boring fight with Hamill pushing the pace and taking the Count down and barely working. I know he is saying he is no longer a one dimensional fighter and he standup is getting good. But IMO he will stick to his takedowns to rack up points and hopefully he is working on his gnp so the fight wont be a boo fest.
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