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POLL: Should GSP train with a guy coming off a KO loss?
Yes Kang is still very good 73% (22)
No its not a smart move 7% (2)
Maybe 20% (6)
11/28/07 5:36:32AM
Two of the mixed martial arts world’s brightest young superstars have decided to join forces north of the United States border.

Georges St. Pierre will train alongside former PRIDE stalwart Denis Kang for the first time, as he prepares for his interim UFC welterweight championship bout against Matt Hughes at UFC 79 “Nemesis” on Saturday, Dec. 29 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. St. Pierre made the revelation Tuesday on Fight Network Radio.

11/28/07 5:39:00AM

“I have something very specific that I’m going to do against Hughes,” St. Pierre said. “People are going to be shocked.”

Oh no ................. jesus georgey wtf are you thinking? LOL

Is that him trying to be all mysterious and vague but in actuallity its obvious he is saying he will take Hughes down? Not that it would make much difference cos Hughes couldnt stop that from happening anyways but still why say it?
11/28/07 6:22:58AM
Is this GSP's career-defining fight?

It seems to me that him demolishing Hughes again would silence all those voices in the back of everyone's mind that he is not as strong mentally as he is physically...

...not that there's much evidence of him not being strong mentally, it's just that he comes across as more 'human' than other fighters and less of a beast. GSP all the way though, can't wait for him to be champ for a looong time...
11/28/07 9:51:16AM
It says he'll still be training out of Montreal and that he's bringing Marquardt and others in as well, so it's more a move on Dennis Kang's part than on GSP's. I wouldn't have recommended that GSP go to Vancouver or wherever to join Kang's camp since his wrestling instructors are based out of Montreal, but having another high-calibre sparring partner can't be a bad thing.
11/28/07 12:18:23PM
GSP is trainning with the wrestling canadian team who are in montreal , with Joachin Alside WBA boxing champ who train in montreal, he asked to jardine, Marquardt and evans to come in montreal, others like Loiseau and Cote are going to help him here also.
he will train in montreal for sure and Kang will probably come here for 2 weeks to finallized his preparation for his own fight.

11/28/07 12:37:20PM
I wish the UFC would sign Kang. He's a damn good fighter and I enjoy watching him fight. I don't see a problem with training with him. Pretty much every fighter in MMA loses at some point if they are fighting at the level these guys are. However, maybe GSP should train with someone who has a great wrestling background that is about the size, build of Hughes.
We all know that GSP is a great wrestler/grappler, we saw that agaisnt Trigg, Sherk, Kos, etc., but its still helps to train for a fight with people who are similar to the opponent.
I don't think this will be a problem. Kang is a great fighter and I'm sure GSP is surrounding himself with positive people and great trainers. I'm looking forward to this fight and I hope GSP wins so he'll get a rematch with Serra. After he beats Serra (if this plays out like I hope), then I think Karo should fight Fitch to see who gets a shot at the GSP and the belt.
11/28/07 3:49:31PM
The reason why the ufc wont sign kang is because kang is determined to fight in spiritMC. Its a small fight promo in korea, and that would violate the exclusivity clause that seems manditory in all ufc contracts. And KO or not, kang is still super talented, and super young.. the more talent GSP surrounds himself with, the better he'll be
11/28/07 7:10:18PM
its a very good move. Kang has great skills and is an awesome fighter. Sure he got caught in his last fight, but it happens to everyone (even GSP) and his opponent was no slouch either. These guys are still human in the end and we all win some and lose some. Kang and GSP do have similiar style tho, their striking looks similiar but Kang has better sub skills while gsp has better wrestling.
11/29/07 2:14:08AM
georges.....dont you freakin take it down, just strike and funny business dammit!!! none of that overconfident crap that lost you the serra fight
11/29/07 6:06:00AM

Posted by stickyhash421

georges.....dont you freakin take it down, just strike and funny business dammit!!! none of that overconfident crap that lost you the serra fight

I would agree except whats the worst that can happen??? Its not like Hughes is gonna pull a knee of or a sub from his back so i dont have a problem with GSP mixing it up

Would be really funny to see GSP sprawl on Hughes first few takedown attempts then shoot in and take Hughes down no problem
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