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4/9/07 6:35:53PM
Welcome to our latest installment of The Great Fight North, The Fight Network’s Weekly Canadian MMA News column. This past weekend saw Montreal’s George “Rush” St. Pierre (13-2) defeated by Matt “The Terror” Serra (9-4-0) in what is being called one of the biggest upsets in the history of mixed martial arts.

4/9/07 9:05:58PM
Matt Serra is a talentled fighter. I knew he had the ability to beat GSP, didn't think he would have, but I knew he had the BBJ skills to tap him out. Didn't think Serra would TKO him.

So it wasn't _that_ big of an upset.

A noteworthy upset would be Antonio Schembri beating Kazushi Sakuraba. Now _there's_ an upset.
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