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2/11/10 7:33:33PM
im in massachusetts and would like to not have to travel far not more than a state or two away im really just looking for amature tournaments to start out and get some experience down i have a high school wrestling base and a fairly decent grasp on basic bjj but im looking to meet some people and broaden my horizens(sp?) if you will

ill be proppin like a 3 dollar whore for any info i can get
2/11/10 9:38:34PM
Grapplers Quest and NAGA are the biggest grappling organizations in the US.

Grapplers Quest


Right now I'm training for Grapplers Quest on June 12th in New Jersey.
2/11/10 10:06:01PM
If you don't go to a grappling school it can be brutal to find matches. I would suggest finding a BJJ school they have a network built and will know all about it. Searching on the net is tough but you come accross stuff. has an event section that includes grappling matches. Bowen's right but there is stiff competion at those and alot of sandbagging too. When you do find one there is usually always someone pumping there next match at these so don't miss local ones and you should always be able to line another up.
2/11/10 10:18:18PM
im just not really sure even how to join a bjj gym

but im in shape and just wanna compete you know?

and in these tournaments whats the standard equipment like ? what do i wear?

im going to at least one of them and any help is welcomed no advice is to small im just getting started
2/11/10 10:26:51PM
joining a gym is as easy as walking in and asking where do I sign up? If your under 18 a parent will need to sign a waiver for you. No gi grappling you where a tight fitting shirt or some will let you go shirtless. MMA shorts are the best bet and a jock strap and cup, also a mouth guard. Some allow singlets (spelling). Your going to run into the problem that you wrestle so they will not let you compete in the beginners division so without some bjj lessons under you, your going to be at a drastic disadvantage. Don't be intimidated to go try a gym 99% of gyms will welcome you with open arms just don't go in there acting like your king **** cause you will get brought down a peg real quick. where do you live in mass?
2/11/10 10:37:25PM
holbrook mass a little outside of boston ya ima have to pick up a pair of shorts all i have now is gym shorts and a singlett
2/11/10 10:47:22PM
gym shorts get tangled up bad get mma shorts. Combat sports has a pair of their barnd of shorts on sale for 9.99 on their web site
2/11/10 10:55:15PM
yes sir- and like i said i have some bjj basics that iv tought myself or learned from people who go to a gym but i gotta get in one myself so im not worried about being at a disadvantage if i lose so be it just learn and come back stronger

thanks for all the advice
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