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7/28/07 5:53:04AM
my son and i recently began taking judo classes and we have been trying to work out at home to learn faster. the problem is that there is nowhere in our apartment soft enough for us to practice things like forward rolls or falling, much less throws. the living room rug is hell on my back and that is the softest space int eh apartment right now.

i am interested in buying a mat of some sort but dont know where to start. it seems like high quality ones are very expensive. ive found some on ebay but it seems like most of the affordable ones are very thin for judo/bjj. it seems to me i want something over an inch thick for this sort of thing.

what direction would you guys go for a small home workout space. im thinking i would like something around 10 ft x 10 ft but larger or smaller would also work. what size would you guys go, assuming that space is not an issue? are tatami mats a good option or is a roll up style mat better?

is there any way to make a grappling mat. i wouldnt really know where to start but i appearance is not important just functionality. if there is some way to put something together and save money that would be great.

how about used mats? is there any source that offers them? do any of you guys have a mat that has been replaced that you would be interested in selling?

any and all advice is very much appreciated. i know i asked a lot of questions so anyone who can help with any of the questions would be being very helpful,

7/28/07 8:08:03PM
for you and your son you dont need a big mats, mats cost a lot but if you are just doing bjj and rolls id go with a 10x10 that would be a great size. you can make your own makes but its more for a school because you cant really remove it and after awhile they get loss and go to crap. if i was you i would just buy those pro force deluxe reversible floor mats there a little pricey but i think it may work good for you, they come in pieces each one is 40''x40'''7/8 each one cost about $40.00 each you may get them for less to. so you can go as big or as small as you like.

or you can go with pro force add-a-mat there ok it folds up to so you can put it up at anytime they cost around 275 and up to 500 dif sizes cost more a 6ftx12ft by about 500 and a 4ftx6ft by like 275 and they got 4x8 and 5x10 to

hope that helped a lil

mats shoping sucks i know
7/28/07 8:37:03PM
What area of the country you from, I can recommend a few places, it's the shipping that'll kill you though.
7/29/07 4:38:00AM
im in the US, virginia to be specific
7/31/07 9:02:45PM
I would only recommend getting good tatami mats. I know they are pricey, but they are 100x better than those crappy puzzle mats that so many dojo use. Those mats are notorious for getting your toes caught and ripping the skin off your body. Personally I don't understand why any dojo would use them, especially for BJJ. It's not wonder so many BJJ guys get staph infections.

My recommendation

Enough of my rant, back to tatami mats. These are the green mats that you see in most judo dojo. They are (very) expensive (I guess it depends on your budget). However, I was able to get 4 mats (they are about 6 x 2 feet each) for free from my gym. My gym replaces the mats every so often, so I just asked the manager if I could have any of the old ones that they were going to throw out. They aren't in great shape, but after a cleaning, they serve their purpose.

So all you have to do is go around to any local dojo, gym or school that might have these mats and ask them if they plan on replacing their mats soon and ask if you can have or buy some of their old ones. Some places might not have thought of replacing them, but change their mind given the opportunity to move the old ones.

A cheaper alternative to tatami mats are the blue folding mats that a lot of schools use for gymnastics or wrestling. However, I would highly recommend the tatami mats since they absorb shock a lot better than any others.
8/1/07 3:53:58AM
i found a used gymnastics mat at a local consignment shop for 40 bucks that i think will get the job done temporarily. i would love to get some of the nice tatami mats but it looks like from my rough estimates it would be over 500 bucks which is currently out of my price range.

my son is only 4 and i dont even know for sure he will stick with judo, so id hate to sink 500-600 bucks in mats and find out he wants to be in the math club or something (math club is fine, math club instead of judo...well thats fine too i suppose)

the gym mat will at least make it so he can practice falling and doing rolls and stuff without hurting himself.

thanks for all the advice,
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