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5/5/07 7:15:31PM
has anyone here tried the gracie diet . I have a upcoming bjj tournament and was wondering if this would help. the tournament is in one month.
5/6/07 2:25:59AM
What is the Gracie diet?
5/6/07 3:19:52PM
here is a site with it on it .[
5/6/07 10:34:59PM
There are some valid points in there, but overall it seems too complicated and most of the Gracies that I've seen (Royce, Renzo, etc.) are not exactly physical specimens.
7/10/07 5:38:39PM
I have tried the diet and I agree it is extremely difficult to follow...only allowing you to eat certain foods with other foods.

At present I follow a modified version of the Spartan Health Regime, which is a very good heath regimen written by Anthony Bova from Sydney (He wrote it while he was recovering from a broken arm from Elvis Sinosic).

Sapius Potis,

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