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3/7/11 10:53:52AM
The semifinal round of Bellator Fighting Championships' season-four welterweight tournament has already taken shape.

Following the conclusion of the quarterfinal round, Bellator CEO announced that former champ Lyman Good will meet Rick Hawn at Bellator 39, and Jay Hieron vs. Brent Weedman will clash at a date yet to be determined.

The Hieron-Weedman fight will be scheduled when Weedman receives clearance for a facial laceration suffered in his Bellator 35 victory over Dan Hornbuckle.

The promotion had originally anticipated hosting both welterweight tournament semifinals at Bellator 39.

3/7/11 12:30:25PM
I was hoping for Good vs Weedman and Hieron vs Hawn but atleast they're keeping Good and Hieron seperate
3/7/11 4:01:13PM
I highly doubt good would face hieron next
Good pairing. I wanna see good vs heiron in final
But either way neither will beat ben askren
3/7/11 5:17:02PM
The Bellator ring looks huge, makes UFC cage look small at least for Bellator 35 it looks huge, first chance I've got to watch the recording.
3/7/11 8:24:27PM
I've been thinking about this since Sat night and had a feeling the pairing would go like this.
Does anyone know how they decide who gets who?
Hawn vs Good should be a real battle but expect Good to get the w,and I bet Heiron comes out unscathed again.
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