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11/9/10 5:29:53PM
What do you think helps with taking punches....Neck Strength?? is it just genetics?? Ive been dropped b4 but I usually recover fast...... Im feeling kinda self conscious about my ability to take a punch right now lol
11/9/10 6:31:18PM
its a combination of things IMO. it seems to me that history has shown that people with large heads seem to take punches better i.e. cabbage, big nog, roy nelson, chris leban etc. so i guess some is genetics. but you got to also take into consideration the angle of the punch and whether you protect areas that are vulnerable. i can take some big punches to the face and some of the harder areas of the head like forehead but other places are not a good spot to get hit, obviously the jaw. head movement has to do with it too. if you get hit while stationary theres gonna be a different effect than if you moving your head away from the punch or into it. i dont know to much about neck strength but im sure it cant hurt to have a strong neck.
11/9/10 7:08:54PM
You have to have your chin in a good position at all times. Maybe there is some genetics involved (and I'm sure there is), maybe there is some neck strength involved, but the number one thing you can do to protect your chin is to keep it in a good position at all times. All the genetics, cardio and neck strength in the world are only going to help you take so many punches. Even then you'll lose a decision on the cards. Sound fundamentals and proper technique are the right way to go about earning yourself a reputation for having a good chin.

Plus, and I'll always go back to this as I have many times on this forum, something you'll develop from getting punched a lot is the ability to learn HOW to get hit. All with time and practice.
11/10/10 3:32:42PM
When the discussion of chin strength comes along, I usually see a lot of the "bigger head means taking a better punch" but I don't think it's the actual size of the head. I think it's the size of the jaw/chin. Bigger head means bigger jaw/chin which can probably take a better punch.
11/10/10 4:46:03PM
So basically it has more to do with Skill..... Slipping punches, keeping your head and chin down, and rolling with punches... as well as some neck strength and confidence?
11/10/10 5:51:38PM
Neck strength is important. It can help keep your head from snapping around too much.
11/10/10 10:49:36PM

Posted by rface1988

So basically it has more to do with Skill..... Slipping punches, keeping your head and chin down, and rolling with punches... as well as some neck strength and confidence?

Well I'm not going to say it's 100% all skill, but as far as things you can do to develop a good chin that is the number one thing that needs to be worked on. Something like neck strength is only going to help you so much because it's not like when you're struck you have time to tighten up your neck and resist the force. There is no possible way your reflexes could work that quickly. In essence what I'm saying is that your brain is rattling around inside your skull long before you even realize it. Henceforth, the best thing you can do is have yourself in a good position before it happens. It's like getting hit by a bomb- there's only so much you can do to defend yourself after it happens- better to be prepared for it to happen and have your defenses in place beforehand.

There's a saying, and please don't take offense when you hear this, but it's- "Shut up and train." A lot of the systems of training that are in place are in place for a reason. Someone with a lot more experience than you or I built them, and chances are they had some success in their careers for a reason. So it's better to trust in their experience (and the years of experience before them) than to question everything and try to solve it all on your own. Although there WILL come a time you have the experience necessary to make your own changes.

11/11/10 11:42:35AM
I have taken some heavy flurries over the years without ever getting knocked out , and I believe that it has more to do with awareness of the inflicting blow and absorbing throughout your whole body and not just a big head, or strong neck. So if it's a physical trait, I would say your core is as important as your neck.
11/16/10 3:48:36AM
A thick(unpointy) chin and a wide, square jawline are fantastic for taking a shot.
Look at Rampage for Instance.
12/11/10 12:24:22PM
I recall reading a thread and article about this so I will link them both.

Knockout: Avoid It

Biophysics of Taking a Punch
1/27/11 2:00:40PM
I read somewhere that strong neck muscles are needed to take a punch but you really dont want to keep taking punches and getting the lights out of you because it could lead to brain damage, see how many fighters get parkinson's because of getting hit too much. So point is strong neck muscles for the unavoidable and avoid getting punched as much as possible.
4/2/13 8:44:46PM
I would try to focus more on how not to get hit!!!
10/2/13 9:21:29AM
I think it's really positioning and angle of the punch when it lands and also the power of the shot.
10/2/13 8:56:18PM
According to Fight Science and a handful of boxing writers, a KO can be caused by your head turning sharply to a certain angle in a certain amount of time, I dont remember the specifics though. But with that in mind, one would assume headmovement and neck strength would prevent that kind of KO from occuring. What I know about boxing defense is pretty simple, keep your chin low and always be moving your head side to side never stay stationary. I'd imagine it applies to MMA as well.
10/12/13 12:08:12PM
Have a head like Fujita and you should be ok!
9/6/14 3:32:16AM
Aside from rolling with the body shot, the next best thing to do is strengthening your body muscles on impact and as you do, breath out slowly....
1/11/15 7:13:37PM

Posted by Legattacks

I would try to focus more on how not to get hit!!!

The cabbages,fujitas,and most samoan people have genetics on their side.

Having a thick skull reduces the amount of trauma your brain takes,also having a dense or squared jaw bone also helps.

But you hit ANYONE in the right spot they go to bed.

Best advice is learn how to roll with punches and learn the intricacies of effective footwork and blocking.

Ive been rocked by punches,knees,and even a headbutt never put straight out i pretty much owe it all on a super thick skull and decent head movement.

But no one is bullet proof and anyone can be kod any given day.
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