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9/30/08 4:22:55PM
Gina Carano was on the late late show with Craig Ferguson yesterday, just came across the video so here it is for anybody that missed it.


9/30/08 4:54:20PM
I'll bet 10:1 that Ferguson didn't get up from his desk for the entire comercial break.
9/30/08 5:00:25PM
I am in love with Gina.
I hope she wins her next fight, and Chris Cyborg wins, and they'll (EliteXC) match them up. That would make for a hell of a fight. Still though, I think they should be 4 minute rounds.
9/30/08 8:08:18PM
Her coquettish shyness just makes her adorable... and it feels weird to be posting this about a fighter
9/30/08 8:17:51PM
well if she has time to make public appearances she better have time to make weight. if she misses again don't be surprised to see the headline:
Gina Carano Found Dead After Fight!
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