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6/7/11 2:36:05PM
Gina Carano won't make her comeback next week, after all.

Carano failed to get medical clearance from her doctor for the June 18 bout, Strikeforce executive Scott Coker said Tuesday. The popular female fighter, who has not competed since August 2009, was scheduled to face Sarah D'Alelio.

"It's an unfortunate situation," said Coker, who declined to provide further details about Carano's health issues.

6/7/11 3:26:35PM
I wonder why she can't fight :S.
6/7/11 3:30:02PM
Maybe I should examine her then.
6/7/11 5:31:47PM
They moved the masvidal noons fight up to fill the void. In my mind this is a good thing. I can look at hot chicks actually hotter chicks in less clothing all day on the internet.

Edit: I read loretta hunts story on and it says texas approved her. I cant link it since Im on my phone.

6/7/11 5:47:39PM
Good for us
Noons vs masivadal should be on the main card to begin with
6/7/11 6:07:17PM
6/7/11 6:18:14PM
My guess is she will be on the sept card or maybe july hendo vs fedor
Glad strike force has depth now on their fight cards
6/7/11 6:18:54PM

Posted by Pookie


That's what I thought! Haha

Anyhow, Carano isn't bad too look at, and she has skills. But I want to see Megumi Fujii here in the states! She was with Bellator for a minute, but her last fight was with Sengoku on their New Year's Eve 2010 card. Rebounded from her first ever loss with a decision victory, she's now 23-1....

Strikeforce needs to swoop her up.
6/7/11 6:19:06PM
Positive for weed- that's my guess
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