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4/27/08 3:58:49PM

The polemical fight between Gesias Cavalcanti and the Japanese fighter Shinya Aoki at DREAM’s lightweight GP seems to have no end. After Aoki’s complaining about an elbow blow at his back of the head and the organization define another date for the fight, it’s time to Gesias complain about some partiality at DREAM’s GP. The next fight will happen at the Saitama Super Arena at April 29th, and the Brazilian fighter said that the organization is giving advantage for some athletes. “My fight was No Contest and the correct by the event rules was that I win, but now I’ll have to fight two times in two weeks”, said Gesias that complained about some advantages to other fighters.

“I’m not unsatisfied, but I think it’s a disrespect an event that is starting now with a 16 athlete tournament, but on the first stage only has 14. An athlete is on the second stage without passing trough the first fight, if I’m not wrong it’s Caol Uno, they didn’t announced that. I’m Hero’s champion and I’m asking for any privileges, I’m only asking for a fair game”, said the Gesias.
4/27/08 7:04:52PM
The Caol Uno thing is pretty unfair, but the fighting in 2 weeks, that really can't be helped much.
5/9/08 5:59:40PM
Very true
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