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11/30/16 5:47:10PM
Five of the most well-known fighters in the UFC are starting a fighters association.

The group, headlined by all-time great Georges St-Pierre, will be called the Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Association and will focus on evening the playing field between fighters and the UFC, it was announced on a media conference call Wednesday.

St-Pierre was joined on the call by Tim Kennedy, Cain Velasquez, Donald Cerrone and T.J. Dillashaw. Those five fighters will make up the association's first board. Former Bellator owner Bjorn Rebney was also on the call and he said he would be part of the MMAAA in an advisory, support role. GSP, Velasquez and Dillashaw are all former UFC champions.

11/30/16 6:22:57PM
Wont take it seriously with bjorn at the helm.
Guys a dirt bag guess satan was busy
11/30/16 7:25:16PM
I hope all of those fighters are ready to sign with Bellator here in the near future.
11/30/16 7:30:57PM
This is a witch hunt against the ufc.

I dont see bellator or wsof fighters on this

Mma athletes association

Might as well call it ufc athletes association
11/30/16 7:49:51PM
1)This isn't a union for all mma it is specifically designed for the UFC.

2)Ufc is being "witch hunted" because they are the biggest earning company and share fucking peanuts with the fighters.

This will have a trickle down effect if it succeeds and we will see a union for fighters outside ufc as well.

Prozac i hope your right i hope they all go to Bellator :).

But in reality it will force new owners to do something....the new owners are pro union im just not sure if they will agree to this new regime or try and create one themselves.

It all comes down to fighters voting and stepping up for their futures.
11/30/16 8:23:51PM
If they argue about percentages they can win, but if they talk about pay (not as a percentage but as a dollar sign) then the UFC will have the advantage because they pay more than anyone else by far.
This will be fun to watch.
11/30/16 10:58:51PM
MMAAthletes Association.....sounds like an association for stuttering mathletes. In that case, Tim Kennedy would be the last person I'd think was associated with math. That is unless there was an algebraic formula for PTSD-shaming.
12/1/16 9:46:14AM

They would have had a better shot of increasing pay under the old ownership structure. These new guys are too far in debt to give away any more of the profits than they are.

$4B put them in a big hole they're digging out of. The Fertittas weren't financing it like WME-IMG are.
12/1/16 1:17:00PM
This is a good thing. Whys everyone so afraid of change? These dudes just want better treatment of fighters.
12/1/16 1:47:51PM