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4/7/11 3:56:23PM
Former Strikeforce light heavyweight champ Gegard Mousasi will face UFC veteran and late substitute Keith Jardine at Strikeforce: Diaz vs Daley on Saturday. Mousasi knows this is a critical fight against a dangerous opponent with nothing to lose. Mousasi spoke to MMA Weekly about what the bout means:
"(Keith Jardine) is a good replacement because he’s mainly a stand-up fighter. It’s not like I have to face a pure wrestler. I have to fight a little bit different, but the change is not that big. He’s a tough opponent. He’s a former UFC fighter, and beat two former UFC champions, so it will be good to get a feeling of how good UFC fighters are."

"Right now Jon Jones is considered the best, and if I win my fights, maybe it could build up a good match against him. I think it would be such a great fight, so I would like to test myself against him."

4/7/11 5:00:27PM
4/7/11 5:37:53PM
i too would like to test myself against him.... i give myself as long as it takes him to come within 6 feet of me whilst me trying to jump out of the cage
4/7/11 6:29:06PM
people were saying machida was unbeatable. we all saw what happened there. LHW is the most stacked division imo.

I think Mousasi can most definately strike with him. The ground game is another story.
4/7/11 8:48:14PM
id venture to say his self test would score an F
4/7/11 9:01:47PM
I would love to see Mousasi in the UFC...I've been a fan since he won the Dream MW it stands now though Bones would take Mousasi down at will... and hell after the performance he put on against Shogun I doubt his striking would be a great concern either.
4/7/11 9:10:15PM
I'd rather see Mousasi/Shogun or Mousasi/Machida
4/7/11 10:42:08PM
I am not a fan of either fighter so there is no favoritism on my part but I think Mousasi would get funked up. Jones is an animal.
4/8/11 12:28:58AM
Is this guy serious? Mo Lawal worked him on the ground and they dont allow elbows...Im guessing Mousasi has jOnes and Bruce Leroy mixed up and has no idea who Jones is with that statement..Mousasi isnt top ten in the UFC...I would put money on Rich franklin or Forrest over Mousasi...Hes way overrated...and Cant wrestle..
4/8/11 4:54:21AM
To dismiss Mousasi in the UFC's LHW division is absolutly crazy. He has superior striking to most of the division and has great speed. Yes it has been shown that a good wrestler can take him down, but he takes little damage when he is fighting off his back. He also has some of the slickest transitions and submissions. I'm not saying mousasi can beat everyone but he has a good chance and the skill set to do so. Jones like Mousasi is one of my favorite fighters, but by the time mousasi's strikeforce contracts expires and he makes a run in the UFC, Jones will have had another year or longer to soak up all the MMA he can handle and he is like a super sponge to have developed the skills that he has with only 3 years of training in the sport and he looks better each fight, just imagine how much more freakishly awesome Jones will be in a year from now. So by the time Mousasi even gets to the UFC Jones will Probably be untouchable.
4/8/11 4:54:55AM
Also hate this fight for Jardine, I like him as well and I see him being on the wrong end of another bad ko
4/8/11 5:03:57AM
Hard to say what would happen in this fight. Jones has beyond a shadow of a doubt proved he can hang in their with the big boys and is the highest of UFC prospects we've seen in years,but the problem with champions within the UFC is consistancy. The belts seem to change hands more often than not and its always the fighters who can hold on to them we celebrate the most. Liddell,GSP,Silva,Hughes. (well actually Hughes seems to get less praise but I think that's because of how he comes across at times).

We've seen him display an amazing onslaught of skills since joining the promotion but the real test is always to find out how good of a champion the new champion will be. Chances are he will be a great one, but in MMA we've seen a lot of band wagons come apart after just one bad performance and one fighter we can attribute this to is the other man on topic,Gegard Mousasi.
As bad as an opponent can tear apart his competition it is always us,the fans(along with the media),that deliver the deepest of wounds.
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