Would Gamburyan fight at featherweight?

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7/12/08 7:22:02AM
Manny Gamburyan is one of the smaller fighters in the UFC’s lightweight division. With the recent popularity of the featherweight ranks and - of course - Urijah Faber, Gamburyan would seem to be a natural to compete at 145. Also, he would have a much quicker path to a title shot.LINK
7/12/08 10:56:24AM
I love Gamburyan but I just wish he didn't have that ongoing shoulder problem. He was all set to beat Nate Diaz and then it popped all too easily. Whenever I bet on him I keep wondering if his shoulder will get in the way again. It's a shame.
7/12/08 11:58:53AM
Idk about this, i mean he is having success in the LW division right now. The question is can he make it to 145 and still have all that muscle? I think he would prolly get a crack at faber's title if he moved to the FW div, no doubt.
7/12/08 1:30:59PM
Yeah, I agree Gamburyan would have a much quicker road to a title shot at featherweight. But, he's having some big sucess at lightweight. So I don't see it happening anytime soon. I think the only way he'd think of droping down is if he lost 2 to 3 times in a row at lightweight. Plus he wants that rematch with Diaz really bad so he isn't going anywhere for awhile.
7/12/08 2:13:30PM
I think he needs to stay at LW until we get to see him fight Matt Serra at the class HE should also be fighting. It'd be like watching 2 T-rex's fight. Just tiny arms thrashing around, and plenty of biting.
7/12/08 2:42:25PM
Give him Diaz.
7/12/08 6:10:12PM
145 is more appropriate for Gamburyan, but I don't think he's "just another guy in the lightweigt division". Aside from the freak injury against Diaz he hasn't lost in the UFC yet, and he was clearly dominating Diaz to. If he does go down to 145 I would hope a rematch with Diaz would occur first.

I don't see it happening though. The UFC just isn't going to be regularly swapping guys from the UFC to the WEC unless they're fodder for Urijah Faber.
7/12/08 7:32:24PM
Would be awesome to see him fight Faber but I wouldn't want to see Manny out of the ufc either, I say until he loses at 155 what's the point of dropping right.
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