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2/19/08 3:39:48PM
Ladies and gentlemen I give you Lucas Ortiz. He's only 10 years old, but he can probably kick all of our butts no problem. He trains at my gym (Ephrata Martial Arts) he's a top ranked grappler, a black belt in kung fu, and he's had some kickboxing fights already where he demolished kids. He is very intelligent for a 10 year old and he is totally dedicated to martial arts, he's even home schooled so he can train more. His mom is a kickboxing champion and his dad is a grappling genius so he's got the best of both worlds to help him out!

Anyway, enough of my rambling here's a HL of his
2/19/08 3:57:26PM
Normally I hate 10 year old black belts and guys who pull guard, but he looks pretty good. .

I'm sure the guys who are training now are going to be miles ahead of the current generation of fighters...I wonder if any of the guys fighting today did no-gi grappling tourneys at that age
2/19/08 3:58:19PM
Looks like he's well on his way. I'll try to remeber that name.
2/19/08 4:04:44PM
Got to love the arm triangle from the standing postion.
2/19/08 4:06:03PM
I think it's awesome how he's sponsored by a fight gear company at the age of 10 lol, he's sponsored by Nemesis Fight Gear and he even has his own clothing line, Sandman Gear.

This kid is the MAN
2/19/08 4:30:20PM
As fullerene said, I'm sure by the time the guys who are training hard now at a younger age, get to be in their 20's they'll be at a higher level than the guys fighting now. That's just how it always is in any sport, as the popularity of the sport grows, more and more people participate and at even younger and younger ages as time goes on.
And by the way I'm not nuthugging you fullerene, just seems like you know your shit, and you always beat me on replying to these posts.
2/19/08 5:55:36PM
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