Fueled by fans, furied by haters, Ben Rothwell focused on spectacular UFC return

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3/22/11 10:49:23PM
Coming home from an autograph session to a computer screen filled with insults is a jarring experience.

Welcome to the double-edged sword of fandom, a split world fighters encounter when they get to the big show. Up close and personal, they're bathed in praise. Online, where MMA lives and breathes, they're cut off at the knees at a moment's notice.

That goes double for the fighters who bring personality to the table, the ones who don't consult the public relations manual before they speak, or the ones who've decided they're better served as heels.

Heavyweight Ben Rothwell (31-7 MMA, 1-1 UFC) is upset. He has not decided to be a heel.
3/23/11 1:24:10AM
met this guy at Wisconsin Dells. I somehow ran into him about to go down a water slide. Ben is one of those guys that is easy to pick from a crowd and I knew it was him right away. He was a very laid back guy and was very cool which is why I always root for him to win now. One thing about this guy, I know he is an MMArtist and all, but when he went into the wave pool there he walked through it like nothing was even hitting him.

So far first and only guy I have met in the UFC. I didn't feel like asking him to take a picture since it seemed like he was with his wife and kid. I thought I would just let him be.
3/23/11 9:04:19AM
Honestly, I forgot all about Rothwell. I never liked or disliked the guy but this article kinda makes me feel bad for him a bit.

Rothwell vs. Dave Herman*
or Rothwell vs. winner of McCorkle/Morecraft
3/23/11 11:12:02AM
Where's he been anyway?
3/23/11 11:20:33AM

Posted by Boo_Radley21

Where's he been anyway?

From the article...

He calls MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) and starts in about an online story about him and his road to recovery following a ruptured ACL he suffered in his most recent fight against Gilbert Yvel at UFC 115, where he won via decision.
3/24/11 11:45:33AM
I just pray he does not have serious mental side effects, he takes the most punishment of any fighter and I think it is on purpose. People said Fujita had a thick skull, I hope Ben's is as thick, seems like a cool guy and I love watching him.
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