A "Frustrated" Todd Duffee Had A "Horrible" Game Plan Against Mike Russow

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6/2/10 11:40:41AM
And he took to The Underground message board to explain what happened. "It was on the temple I felt the shot...it just shut down the cns system couldnt use my arms to catch my fall or anything i was watching everything till my head hit the canvas(which may have put me out)i blinked and he hit me with a hammer fist....the way i fell made it look much worse than it was...I wasn't gassed i was more frustrated and trying to stick to the game plan should of threw that out after the first 30 seconds ...my game plan was horrible......i wasn't snapping punches instead i was muscling them shoudl of kicked should of grappled should of fought....I'll be back and show I am more than capable of wrestling etc., thanks for the support and thanks to the people who helped me out sorry i let you down it will pay off in the long run."

6/2/10 12:40:20PM
Looked like his game plan was working pretty well to me. He was kicking dude's ass. Granted he didn't land any huge KO punch or anything but how about giving Russow some credit for hanging in tough with that chin of his?

Of course Duffee is probably just a work-a-holic who isn't happy with himself. Still- I haven't heard anybody say anything other than what happened was a ridiculous comeback on the verge of potentially being a lucky comeback. Nobody doubts that Duffee was winning that fight hands down.
6/2/10 1:11:26PM
Duffee did stumble russow in the first but couldnt put him away. Todd was really throwing that uppercut. Also have to disagree that he was somewhat gassed because everyone once in awhile he would throw step back and take a good breathe.
6/2/10 1:57:00PM
It was not his gameplan that was the problem. He just apparently can't take much of a punch....

He still has a bright future but wrestling with Russow or kicking a guy with a great top game would have been a bad gameplan. His plan to outbox Russow while defending the TD was smart.... he just got caught.
6/2/10 1:59:27PM
Duffee is all class. Very humble guy who couldn't even understand how he was the favorite going into this fight. The guys got worlds of potential and based on how he's dealing with this, Im sure he'll come back better then ever and learn from the mistake. Russow deserves major props for not taking the easy way out and taking the fall in the first when he got clipped but he and Brilz showed that if you give your all, good things will happen.
6/2/10 2:36:28PM
I like Duffee. He seems not to have bought into his own hype (though I suppose that could just be a good PR Coach).

I'm going to agree that he should've changed the game plan after the first round. Kicking probably wouldn't have been smart because Russow wanted to be on top. But maybe shooting and taking russow down would've been a good idea. A guy with that kind of power could likely end a fight with Ground and Pound.
6/2/10 3:52:08PM
I was question the switch to head kicks and such there later on. Duffee had a great plan, sh*t just happens. I'm not Duffee, though. If he saw holes in his game that is for him to know and decide. Maybe incorporate some ground game into the mix.
6/2/10 5:37:04PM
Of course that fight was all Duffee if he wouldn't have got caught in the third round. However, I have to say that I feel like he was holding back... did anyone else see this? Just IMO, but he looked as though he could have finished Russow and he would hesitate on throwing more combinations to put him down. Maybe trying to show that he has more range than just a first round knockout (not that that's a bad thing! haha)? I don't know...
Props to Russow though for having the heart to stick it out through 2.5 round of beating AND the power to put Duffee on his back.
6/2/10 6:42:28PM
He'll bounce back and be fine....though he did look a little gassed in the third.
6/2/10 7:50:05PM
the game plan seemed fine to me also. his striking actually looked surprisingly smooth for such a big guy.
just a mistake... questionable chin maybe. time will tell.
6/2/10 8:38:52PM
I was impressed with Duffee in this fight. His striking looked pretty good, and even though he slowed down a bit in later rounds, his conditioning looked pretty great for a guy of his size. You've got to expect a 250 pound man to slow down throughout the fight, but it wasn't what we usually see out of heavyweights this size where they just clinch against the fence or are putting their hands on their knees and gasping the instant the bell rings lol.

His TD defense looked pretty solid as well. Random things happen, if they fought 100 times I would pick Duffee 100 times, but obviously Russow would land a shot in a couple of those fights to win it. One of those fights where the guy loses but really only gained stock IMO.
6/2/10 8:39:48PM
I think putting the wrestler on his back, would be a good gameplan. Duffee gnp would be sick imo. How was he to know to change his gameplan just because he didnt finish in the first? Todd was dominating the standup all 3 rds, than got caught. If they fought again i would pick Duffee.
6/2/10 9:18:12PM

Posted by Aether

.....Random things happen, if they fought 100 times I would pick Duffee 100 times, ...

99 times, surely
6/2/10 11:58:35PM
I think Duffee had the right gameplan going. He was killing russow hands down. No reason to take the fight to the ground. Russow may be a wrestler, but he has a lot of submission wins. Not ot mention wrestlers tend to be good at scrambling and reversing during takedown attempts. No reason to give Russow a chance to get him down when he was dominating him standing.

Just chalk it up to a nicely landed punch and get on with life.

I do think Duffee got exposed though. His chin looks to be suspect. Thats not good in division where almost everyone brings some power.
6/3/10 12:39:44AM

Posted by theruler_

Posted by Aether

.....Random things happen, if they fought 100 times I would pick Duffee 100 times, ...

99 times, surely

No, I would pick him 100 times. My point was that even though Russow would land a KO punch and win a couple of those times, Duffee would still always be the clear favourite and smart pick because of the complete dominance he displayed, so I would pick him literally 100% of the time.
6/3/10 5:02:58PM
even after his KO i still think duffee has a ton of potential. plus hes a giant, athletic heavyweight much like lesnar. everybody gets cought at some point. now hes gotta overcome the glassjaw thing.
6/4/10 7:04:19AM
Not the gameplan that was a problem here. He expended too much energy trying to put Russow away in the 1st and gassed. I can't say he has a glass jaw either because that punch hit him right in the temple.
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