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7/18/07 11:29:14PM
Are they that bad for you, diet wise? Lean pockets look to be great for you, roughly 250 calories, 25g of protein, low sodium, complex carbs etc. Yes, I know unprocessed food is better, but when it comes down to it and your running low on time, popping them in the microwave for 3 minutes is definitely more convenient. Anyone opinions on them?
7/19/07 6:22:16AM
I only eat low fat ready meals, and even then I try to not to eat them unless I have no choice and need some convenient. Yeah they have low fat, a little bit of protein, low sodium etc, but the veg is usually lacking in nutrients. I wouldnt touch a ready meal unless it was a low fat one, the normal ones are absolutely loaded with fat and salt!
7/19/07 9:20:37AM
The only frozen foods that I would eat are vegetables. Even then I prefer fresh ones.
7/19/07 1:59:31PM
The chemicals they put into frozen food is insane! They put so many chemicals in it so you can reheat it and so it will have a long shelf life. Avoid them if possible, but if you're running low on time use a meal replacement; if you have no other options it won't kill you to have it once in awhile.
7/19/07 5:36:37PM
Bad Bad Bad for you but if thats the only option do it it better than nothing
7/19/07 9:01:22PM
fish.. its the best way to buy it
7/19/07 10:09:44PM
It can range across the spectrum with frozen food. Just pay attention to the nutrition facts. generally anything in a pocket is not good for you
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