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11/14/07 12:30:02AM
Strikeforce’s upcoming event will have a broadcast partner after all.

Company executives today announced that Friday’s “Strikeforce: Four Men Enter, One Man Survives” event will be streamed live on’s content-partner site, Yahoo! Sports.

11/14/07 12:33:53AM
Best news I have heard in some time.
11/14/07 1:15:23AM
I am so confused about these other leagues, without a doubt I would say Strikeforce is the best of the 2ndary leagues, even over EliteXC, IFL and Bodog, no contest, it seems like they good are at reading talent and attracting the great fighters left out in the cold. HBO should offer them something, I would switch from Showtime and EliteXC to see Strikeforce, heck the best EliteXC was when they partnered up with Strikeforce
11/14/07 3:48:18AM
i always love me some free fights
11/14/07 7:27:15AM
I've been meaning to watch the first one, Yahoo still has it archived for free. if I can't stay up for it I'll watch the archived version later.
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