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6/20/07 3:23:47PM
This Friday in San Jose, former UFC middleweight champ and MMA legend Frank Shamrock takes on Phil Baroni in a fight that has been building up for close to a year now. The two fighters square off for the vacant Strikeforce middleweight belt (in an event co-promoted by EliteXC), but a shot at the title seems to be the least interesting aspect of the fight.

6/20/07 3:50:32PM
Shamrock is a Jackass i hope Baroni whoops his ass
6/20/07 3:52:41PM
I think they're both jackasses but Dana said that if Baroni wins then he'll bring him back to the UFC... that should be interesting.
6/20/07 7:10:54PM
i wanna see baroni back in the ufc but shamrock will be tough idk its a toss up but i give it to baroni by ko
6/20/07 9:18:42PM
baroni vs. shamrock will be a good fight to watch but i think it will be bad if baroni back in the ufc i think ko in third
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