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9/1/10 1:49:24AM
Just wondering what 135s do people think are going to cut down?
9/1/10 3:27:47AM
When the WEC gets around to unloading their lightweight division to make roster space for a flyweight division, Benavidez will be the early frontrunner for the inaugural champion.

Outside of Demetrious Johnson, Zuffa will have to find a lot of flyweights at the regional level and wait for Jussier's contract with TPC to expire.
9/1/10 12:28:20PM
They'll need to raid Japan.
9/1/10 3:10:11PM
What about jorgensen, or cruz after their next fight? Think they will be able to make the cut?
9/2/10 12:02:32AM
Cruz cut from 145, he's shredded. no way.
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