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7/31/07 3:25:58AM
is it all fish that is good for you, im aware oilly fish is good for omega 3, but is it all fish that is low in fat and high in protein, as i buy haddock or Coley as they are the cheapest, and i am skint.
also here is a response to the guys that helped me regarding my diet, my diet is now:
Poridge and a banana

Banana and apple

either a pork or chiken stir fry, or Pasta Bolognaie or soup
with an orange

Either fish with steamed veg and potatoes or what i have at lunch

plus plenty of water
do you guys think i get enough of what i need in a healthy diet, any help is great
7/31/07 10:48:04AM
The way I see it, why stop at 5 day? The government say that we should try to get at least 5 portions of Fruit and veg a day, I get between 10 and 13 a day on average, I eat a lot of fruit and veg, its key to being healthy!

Fish is good, if you check a fish tin, it will have quite a high fat content, but the saturated fat content is very low, fish is one of the healthiest things you can eat!
7/31/07 7:31:28PM
I enjoy Fish N Chips every now and then
7/31/07 7:53:37PM
tuna is very high in protein and is another good type of fish.
7/31/07 8:00:06PM
Yes Tuna is good for you, but you shouldn't eat it more than 1-2 time a week because of the high mercury levels in fish nowadays.
7/31/07 11:21:34PM
If your going to eat a lot of fish try to throw some Salmon in the mix... lower on purines than other fish.
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