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7/20/07 6:42:36PM
How do you guys cook yours ? and with what ingredients
7/20/07 6:56:39PM
I usually cook it on a really hot Griddle pan, or stir fry it.

One awesome recipe I use is

1 Tuna Steak (get good ones, more than 1" thick, and really deep red in colour)
Teriyaki Sauce (or make your own, with a bit of light soy sauce, a little bit of dark soy sauce and some Merrin, mess around with the formula, make it to your own Taste!)

1.Rub the marinate into the Steak, on both sides

2. get your griddle pan out, put a little groundnut oil in it, to prevent the steaks sticking!

for reference, this is a griddle pan!

3. Get the pan mad hot!

4. Chuck the steak on and let it start cooking. It will begin to turn white.

5. Once the whiteness has reached halfway through the steak, turn it over.

6. ONce the side of the steak is white completely, cut it open, it should be almost cooked, with a pink band in the centre. Dont worry, you wont get food poisoning from this! If you cook the thing the whole way through your steak will be tasteless!

Serve with some roasted peppers, red onions, potatos in a chilli marinate etc, tastes beautiful!

My other fish favourites are...

Tuna Chunks with Cous Cous
Grilled Sole
Smoked Mackeral fillets and hardboiled eggs
Sardines and Chopped Tomatos

Fish rules!
7/20/07 6:58:42PM
sweet man, thanks .. im just lookin for some good ways to cook fish.
7/20/07 10:18:14PM
Grill it on tin foil or a pan. I use old bay, pepper, Garlic (i use it on everything). Then lemon after
7/20/07 11:04:49PM
Fried (solo or in pasta)
In soup
Raw (and wrigggggling)
7/25/07 3:44:30AM

Posted by Rush

Raw (and wrigggggling)

7/26/07 5:59:05AM
man i got lots of good fish recipes as i used to be a chef. one that i like nowadays is just blackened tuna. it is not fancy fut it is good and low fat. i just dredge the tuna in the seasonings and then cook it in a super super hot cast iron skillet. i like mine very rare but cook to your liking. i serve it with some sort of fruit salsa like a mango salsa which cuts the heat in the blackining mixture.

another dish i like is sesame crusted tuna. it is easy and looks and tastes great.get some white and black sesame seeds (dont really need both) and dredge each side of the fish in the seeds. seer it in some canola oil, i again like mine rare. i like to serve it with a thickened ponzy sauce, or a soy ginger sauce. teriyaki would also be good. serve it with some rice and stir fried or steamed veggies and it is a great meal.

both of these recipes can be done with most any fish, you just will want to cook most of em through instead of rare. if anyone has any specific questions about cooking fish feel free to pm because the years i spent int he kitchen are currently being wasted and id be happy to help
7/27/07 3:32:14PM
i love tuna steaks
7/28/07 4:31:07AM
yeah tuna steaks are great especially since even non fish eaters usually love them. thats what i always cook for people when they say they dont really like fish that much, and it almost never fails. dont get me wrong i love fish and tuna is one of my favorites, just everyone likes it.
8/3/07 3:37:20PM
tuna steak doesnt taste like fish? Maybe i will have to try this. i hate seafood/any fish. i can stand freshwater bass fried. thats about it.
8/6/07 7:20:47PM
If you are counting your calories, take white fish(any kind) squeeze the juice out of an orange and a lemon. Marinate the fish in the juice for as long as you can then season with pepper, cayenne, basil, or whatever you like. Wrap the fish in the peels of the orange or lemon and bake until done. Unwrap and eat. Works great for chicken too.

As far as frying goes its all about the three C's. Catfish, canola oil and cornmeal.
8/9/07 12:49:05PM
Tune steaks are a good way to go. They're not at all "fishy", and don't even taste like fresh fish that much, so people who usually don't like fish can benefit from them. I often like to rub mine with a little garlic salt and some herbs, or maybe rub some chilli based dressing on, depending on my mood. I find that rubs work best on tuna steaks, given that they are quite moist.

I also eat a lot of tinned tuna, very convienent. if I'm feeling a little more adventurous I'll try something with Monkfish, Barramundi or Hake, but Tuna is very easy to get right!
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