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2/7/08 4:06:05PM
Today i was sitting around in one of my friends dorm rooms and he starts talking about how one of his friends from highschool does MMA and hes having his first pro fight near where we go to school. He was going to beg someone to go with him because he knows nothing about it and wasnt really interested. He had no idea that im an MMA enthusiast but now i think im going with him. I cant wait.
2/7/08 4:14:38PM
lemme guess gladiators challenge 49 "the warriors" february 16th in milwaukee. red schaefer will be fighting on the card so it will have a uy that fought in the ufc before on it.
2/7/08 6:32:09PM
they are fun, you will love it
2/7/08 11:49:01PM
No its TitleTown Combat Championship. Dont know anyone on the card except Whisper Goodman and the only reason i know him is because he was on the Packers. Im sure ill have fun anyway.
2/24/08 1:11:54AM
Just went to this tonight and it was a blast. Only 3 of 13 fights made it out of the first round and none of those went past the second. I was suprised at the lack of stand-up. There was only one fight with more than a minute of stand-up and that one was between two muai thai guys.

Whisper Goodman looked real good. He had the other guy submit to strikes. He was dropping bombs. I wouldnt be suprised for him to get a call-up into one of the bigger orgs soon.

I met Eric Schafer and talked to him briefly. He said he was going to be fighting in the ufc again in the late spring but didnt know against who yet.

Oh and the announcer was a total creep. He kept making inappropriate references to the Ring Girls.
2/24/08 8:17:40PM
2/24/08 9:26:32PM
Id guess ring girls?
2/24/08 10:23:34PM
It was ring girls. I rewrote that a few times and must have deleted that on accident.
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