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9/29/09 10:04:34AM
I have my first mma class in stand up on thursday anyone have any tips for me?
9/29/09 11:18:47AM
tighten your abs up
10/2/09 9:01:25AM
So last night was my first stand up class and I loved it. I think I'm picking it up pretty fast. My problems seem to be when were drilling combos lets just say jab left hook uppercut cross block block inside leg kick for an example. When hes showing it and saying it I got it but when doing it I think I get caught up and forget. But I am one of those people who will be listening intently to what your saying and taking it all in but when your done I'll be like wait what the hell did he say again. The other thing I was having problems with was holding the pads for my partner and 1 I wasn't used to them and 2 I was forgeting the full combo. I think maybe I'm just over thinking it. Anyway anyone have any advice for me? I'll be taking my first grappling class on monday night.
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