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2/15/11 4:12:10PM
That's according to Dana White today,and he also announced who gets the first edition: The Philippines. White says it probably won't air in the US on Spike, but whether it's online or another broadcast outlet, White expects fans worldwide to be able to watch the shows.

2/15/11 4:27:39PM
That's cool. An international edition could produce some great variety.

I'd assume UFC.TV would be the outlet for the American audience.
2/15/11 5:34:47PM (the official TUF site) makes more sense.
2/15/11 6:01:30PM
Nice easy and cost effective way to test the waters, I thought they were going to go big and start off straight in Brazil, Japan, or somewhere in Eastern Europe....that's the one I'd really like to see. There are a lot of small countries that are starting to produce god fighters and shows out there.
2/16/11 1:42:12AM
The Philippines is an interesting choice. Wouldn't have even made my top ten for countries that I thought MIGHT get awarded the first International TUF, but whatever. It's a boxing heavy country so some great bangers should come out of this. I fully expect a bunch of knockouts. (or at least I'm hoping for them). I hope it's available for U.S. audiences to stream free. (No, I will not pay for this). Otherwise, I'll probably just check the results
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