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11/12/07 5:06:09PM
On November 12, 1993, everything most Americans thought they knew about fighting was thrown out the window.

At the time, most people figured that the marquee heavyweight boxer, the imprisoned Mike Tyson, was the baddest man on the planet. But there were people with amateur wrestling backgrounds who thought otherwise, figuring that a wrestler could take a boxer off his feet and once he got him there, the boxer’s weapons were useless.

11/12/07 6:37:57PM
That was actually a really well written article. He actually pointed out some facts I didn't know before. Like why Shammy supposedly dropped out.
11/12/07 6:51:04PM
Yes, a very good article in my opinion. Much better than the crap I'm used to seeing from the Yahoo Sports guys.
11/13/07 3:08:47AM
I actually saw the 1st UFC live (televised) and it was the most....-OMG-...experience I've ever had watching TV. I came away telling anyone & everyone who would listen that they HAD to watch this s***. "The most unadulterated ultra-violence I have ever seen, period" was my selling point (LOL).

Seeing Royce win against the big freaking brutes they put him up against was in a compound word: Awe-inspiring. No one I knew had EVER seen or even heard of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu before and to see a guy WAY outweighed just wiping the freaking floor with big bruisers was enough to get me frothing at the mouth.

I will never forget those 1st 3 or 4 UFCs. They will forever have a soft, warm bloodly, screaming spot in my heart.

(The fight that still stands out, is when Royce subbed Kimo from the ground while Kimo was standing up. It was an armbar, as I recall and it looked for all the world like Royce was just about to get his face beat in by the big Samoan, then the next thing you know, he's tapping out frantically. What a sight.)

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