I just finished my first Ju-Jitsu Class.... and boy are my arms tired!!!

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8/2/07 11:13:04AM
I just finished my first Ju-Jitsu class. I love the class, it reminds me of my wrestling days.

One question though for those who've been at it for a while. We worked armbars alot, and now both my elbows feel like they will never work properly again. That's an exaggeration, but does your body get used to having its joints bent the wrong way, or is there a series of stretches that I can do to limber up those joints? Or should I just suck it up?
8/2/07 11:25:52AM
Your joints will/should get used to it a bit, but you might want to consider tapping sooner.

I can fight almost any armbar for a long time and not get submitted, but why do that in practice? Basically I count to 3 then just tap or verbally give up. If I can defend it for that long I know that I'm not likely going to get subbed. That will save your arms and also prevent injury from trying to spin out of arm bars.

Really the whole point is to avoid getting in the position rather than using strength to prevent an arm from being extended.
8/2/07 11:42:22AM
Man I feel your pain buddy hahaha. Been there and done that. The pain will go away and you will get used to it.
8/2/07 1:50:26PM
You will get used to it, when I first started I got major mat burn on the top of my toes and feet but now I don't get it at all.
8/2/07 6:07:00PM
I just started and i have some pretty bad mat burn on my knees from the drills we do.
8/2/07 6:19:26PM
just takes time you will be ok the biggest thing i see is people dont go but to class for a week because they hurt,just dont miss a class and keep it up
8/11/07 6:22:05PM
if you drill multiple armbars, do not lock them out just work positions. Once the arm is at like 15 degrees, let it go you don't need to apply and extend every armbar.
8/11/07 8:01:43PM
im having the same problems, I brought it up at the last class and one of the guys told me to take glucosamine, so i went to GNC today to get some and the guys there said this Triflex stuff is the same thing but with Chondroitin and MSM. The guy said thats what he takes (also does MMA) and after a week or so they don't bother you as much.
8/11/07 8:08:23PM
The pain may go away but it will be back, extending all armbars can lead to tendinitis and other joint problems that follow you through life, "so remember kids, be gentle on armbars and don't extend all the way"
9/5/07 8:17:18PM
I've been training for almost a year, my arms still get tired from training. The worst is every few months I'll get my arm extended a little too quickly by somebody and my arm will kill for like 3 days. It pisses me off but it's part of the game.
9/8/07 4:23:41AM
that is the smart way but in sambo guys love to wrench it past the tapping point to make you tougher, i will have no arms when im old.

p.s. the thread title almost sounds like a bad joke "....and boy are my arms tired"
9/9/07 6:57:18AM
yeah those sambo guys are tough. theres a sambo guy who works out at my judo club. he goes easy on me and still hurts me some lol.
9/9/07 12:53:16PM
Sambo is definitely a tough sport, there's an overall different training attitude in a sambo gym than a BJJ gym.
9/10/07 3:04:49AM
i think you are not tapping early enough.
9/12/07 4:03:56PM

Posted by chris91301

i think you are not tapping early enough.

I'd agree with that. Hyperextensions will happen in BJJ. And they suck for sure. I've had it happen badly twice to both arms. The first time, left arm, I didn't wanna tap cause the guy was a noob. The second time, right arm, I tapped as a more experienced guy was rolling me but I guess the dude didn't feel it. My arm suffered the consequences.

And man if a hyperextension feels that bad I hope my arm never gets broken in an armbar.
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