3 Fights Announced For DREAM 16

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8/27/10 8:39:30PM
Jason Miller isn't getting his hopef-for grudge match with Nick Diaz yet, so he'll have to settle for a legend in his next fight. Miller will return to Japan to face Kazushi Sakuraba in one of 3 fights announced today for DREAM 16. Also announced are Joe Warren vs. Michihiro Omigawa and Gegard Mousasi vs. Tatsuya Mizuno for the inaugural DREAM Light Heavyweight Championship.

8/28/10 11:04:39AM

Joe Warren vs. Michihiro Omigawa


Omigawa is the most underrated fighter ( record wise) in MMA. He gets no love, and I know for a fact Joe will not underderestimate this guy! This isnt the best fight for style vs style, but I still believe Warren will win by domination!! Suprised??
8/28/10 12:16:41PM
One problem...actually 2: It's in Japan and if recent history has been any indication, a decision almost certainly will favor Omigawa. So either Warren finishes or it's a decision for Omigawa, even if it sounds like a screwjob.
8/28/10 1:27:41PM
The judging Criteria in Japan is totally different from American judging standards so don't be surprised if LNP fails to win here.
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