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4/18/08 2:41:17PM
4/18/08 3:57:12PM
Nice! Get to hear Dong by Dongbar again!! Glad to see him and Zelg back.
4/18/08 6:05:13PM
does anyone know yet where a guy could watch this card? last time it was on mmatv. Thanks in advance for any info.
4/18/08 7:48:47PM
i did get to watch most of it last time, but DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN lol it was like what 4 or 3 in the morning lol my time. I know it was on MMATV, im thinking it will be on there again. Thats the only channel i know of unless you have all them overseas channel, luck finding it, again like i said im sure it will be on mmatv again. Gonna be a good event.

Dont forget about UFC 83 tomorrow night guys lol, everywhere i go i see UFC 83!!! lol
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